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A Squirg Hat By Any Other Name



Last Thursday, a news post went up on the forums that basically outlined that, as a reward for being part of the first month of Wildstar’s life, all players would get this gross unique looking squirg hat, The Facehugger, as a way of saying thanks.

This was a cause for hurt feelings in some , as apparently this was a model first used for a rare hat called the Squidora. Many people had no idea about the item, let alone acquired it yet as it was a low drop chance off a mob in the Genetic Archives. For the few people who had the hat, they saw the model go from what you saw above to a variant color of the more well-known squirg hat model and much of the “rareness” of it go with it.

I’m of two minds about this particular change. On the one hand, I’ve come from a long history of dealing with people in World of Warcraft who felt very entitled to many things for the sole reason that “no one else can have it or deserve it” and that the motivation for obtaining the rarest items in the game was solely to feel more special than us regular plebs. On the other hand, I can see why some people would legitimately be hurt that something that was essentially very lucky RNG after getting through a very arduous attunement to only see the cooler model vanish away to be given out to everyone else.

Unfortunately, a company can do what it wishes with it’s art assets, but I was under the impression before that it was something that had merely ¬†been data-mined before and therefore not already in-game for people to obtain. I hope at least that for the people who had gotten the hat, that they get another version of the model, perhaps with a more intense color pattern (if that’s even possible at this point.)

I guess it’s really hard for me to wrap my head around some of the logic here even if I feel really dramatically opposed to a lot of the motivations for high-end raiders about vanity stuff. Wildstar is sold in a lot of ways as the MMORPG that caters specifically to players that are looking for the high-end challenge; doing a bait-and-switch on a rare drop model might not be in line with that ethic. Still, on the other hand, it is just a hat. It’s a low chance hat and it’s a squirg model and I am not sure why anyone would want to wear that on a regular basis. I also don’t feel that it’s entirely fun to see people upset because other people might be getting something that they had hoped to have all to themselves.

This is what keeps me from committing fully to sympathy for this particular situation, this notion of “deserving” and how it always seems to come from the top players in video games. Their motivations often come from this place that they will do something hard and be given the attendant rewards, the rewards being motivated by a need to have something that other people do not and cannot have access to. It’s a fairly immature position to me, especially as I get older, because it feels very misplaced. My gains in video games have sometimes been rare, sometimes not, but it was always motivated by the challenge, not by whether other people had something or not. In an MMORPG, I can get wanting to stand out. It’s a huge sea of people that are no different from you in most material ways, and the highest levels of challenge make you stand out. But at the end of the day, the entitlement that starts to come with that and the feeling of superiority over others over video game pixels is what evaporates my sympathy somewhat.

All in all, I do hope Wildstar does fix this inasmuch that it looks pretty bad to their core audience to not retain some unique rewards for those who manage to raid the content, but at the end of the day, I wonder if these people think about why they want it so badly to be unique.



  1. I’m one of those people 100% excited to get this item. I do understand why people are disappointed, but surely there will be other equally (or more) rare items that you will be able to get later on in the game as it matures??
    This is also my first MMORPG. Previously, I just played offline games or LoL/Starcraft. WoW terrified me, trying to enter such an “old” game? No thanks. Wildstar is so new and fun, I like that it’s so accessible to everyone so far! ^^

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